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    At the time of admission student must be accompained by her mother or father. No boys are allowed to come.
    The students seeking admission for the first time should submit 3 passport size photos for their identity and library card.
    Fee once paid will not be refunded in any situation. Transfer certificate will be issued on payment of Rs. 50.00 for current year.
    Change of subject or faculty is not allowed after the admission.
    The students having less than 85% attendence will not be allowed to appear for exam as regular student. There will be no alternative in this regard.
    During college time in emergency, if any dayscholar post graduate student wants to go out, she has to get signed in her identity card "out going pass" from the concerned Asstt. Professors whose names are given below. This card has to be shown to the gatekeeper at the main gate.U.G. Students shall contact the Principal for this pourpose. In case any student is found violating this rule she will be penalized by the Principal.
    1. P.G. Department (Arts Faculty) Dr. Sr. Annies Manuel.
    2. P.G. (Science) Sr. Shantamma Joseph

    3. M.Com. Dr. Vinod Garg

    Note - If any of the above professors are absent students should contact the Principal.

    The use of college bus is not compulsory for any student but those who are willing to use them should reach the college and leave the college only by the trip arranged for the college students.Bus fee will be charged for Pooja, Deepawali and Christmas Vacations also. Students are asked to bring their bus card everyday else they will be penalized. No other students are allowed to use the bus. Bus fee has to be paid every time for 2 months together. Late fees of Rs. 10.00 per month will be charged . No Bus card will be can celled. Once you have got your Bus card issued you have to pay the bus fees from July to 15th Feb. No temporary Bus card will be issued. Please don't deprive others from getting the facility of Bus.
    It is compulsory for the faculty members and the students to attend the assembly which is held on the first working day of the college every week.
    The students are adviced to wear apron for Chemistry, Industrial Microbiology,Microbiology and Cooking practicals.
    The students should take care of their identity and library cards. They shall bring it every day. Fresh card can be issued only on payment of Rs. 15.00.
    The students are requested to take utmost care of the properties of the college and its cleanliness. Any student who is found damaging them will be liable for punishment.
    If library books are not returned on the prescribed time a fine of Rs. 2/- will be charged on each book per day.
    If any student is found tearing the pages of library book, causing any damage to the books or issuing books for other students will be fined Rs. 10.00 along with the cost of the book. Such students will not be eligible for using library books further. If the book is lost by the student she has to give new book of the same writer or pay the double cost of the book.
    The student seeking admission in the college hostel shall obtain application form from the college office and after admission in the College get the room alloted by the Hostel Superintendent after paying the hostel fees.
    The economically poor students, who are in need of financial help should submit a written application to the Principal of the college duly signed by the parent and the student.
    The name of the students will be struck off from the register of the college if she is absent for one month without prior permission of the Principal. University does not consider medical certificate for the attendance, but for the college record it has to be produced.
    The Students are allowed to wear only saree or salvar suit in the college campus. No Jeans, short blouses or sleeveless garments are allowed.
    On the assembly day the students shall come in pure white uniform.
    The students will be expelled from the college if they are guilty of making propaganda against the Institute, Management, Principal, Teachers, Staff, students or defame their own families.
    The students should secure written permission from their parents for attending camps, trekking, excursion, study tour, picnic and other training programmes.
    The students who do not appear regularly in the unit test, model exam and do not perform well, will not be allowed to sit as regular candidate in the annual examination.
    Each student has to enroll herself in any of the following associations of the college namely- Arts, Science, Home Science, Commerce, Sports & Games, N.S.S., AICUF, Red Cross, Eco-Friends, Cultural committee, Women's Cell, Peace Cell, Core Group, Prayer group and Society on Gender Issue.
    If a student due to sickness or any other justified reason keeps absent from the College she should give an application duly signed by her Parents/Hostel Warden and herself.
    The age limit for admission as regular students for graduation is 25 years and for Post Graduation 28 years. It will be counted from 1st July onwards.
    Ragging is not allowed in the college. In case a student is found breaking this rule she will be dismissed from the college.
    To keep or to use mobile phone, Walkman, Ipod, Taperecorder, Laser Torch, or any other such instrument, is strictly forbidden. Those who do not keep this rule, their instrument will be taken away and the students will be punished.
    For any official work the student shall come by herself to the college office. In the absence of the student the parents shall approach the Principal along with the needed documents.(Boys are not allowed to come)
    After taking admission in the college, if a student joins or encourages any illegal strike and forces other students to join the same against the Institution, Principal, Staff and any Authority, the Management has the right to dismiss the student immediately.
    If a student has any problem then she can contact the principal along with her parents. The college will try to solve the problem within its limit.
    If the student or the parents feel that the discipline of the college is not in the interest and development of the student then He/She is free to take her daughter to some other Institution.
  •    MRP Final Report of Dr. Sachin Mandilwar