Father Theodosius Florentini OFM Cap (1808 - 1865)




Mother Maria Theresa Scherer (1825 - 1888)



Holy Cross Women's College in Ambikapur is managed by Pavitra Cruz Sisters's associatin of Holy Cross Sisters, in Hazaraibagh Jharkhand. This is Minority institution. Since its origin, it has been active in the field of education. This is a part of its effort to share in the country's educational undertaking. This effort while recognising a special responsibility towords the christian Community, has always been at the service of the whole nation.
Education in this institution is inspired by a vision of human being drawn from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. This vision gives it a specific character, and Sets before its management, staff and students high ideals of life and service towards which it is challanged continually to strive.


This College aims at the integral and personalised education of the young. It strives to produce intellectually well trained, morally upright, socially commited, spiritually inspired women for india today.
To Accomplish this, special efforts are made to the enable to the students:-
• To strive after excellence in every field.
• To think for themselves in a clear, fearless and independent manner;
• To seek, extend and apply knowledge to the solution of human problems.
• To value and responsibly use their freedom.
• To be clear and firm on principles andcourafgeous in action;
• To be unselfish in service service their fellow human beings; and
• To be become agents of needed social changes in the country

Through these efforts it aims at making its own contribution to a radical transformation of present day social condition so that social justice, equality of opportunity, genuine freedom, respect for relegions and moral values which are enshrined in the constitution of india may be realised.
Thus the responsibility of living a fully human existence will be open to all.